Celga is a company which unites the world in love for all things Japanese!
People from every country now have their very own shopping service in Japan!

The process is very simple!
First, find something you want.
We can purchase many kinds of items such as CD's, DVD's, concert tickets, posters, accessories, tour merchandise etc. from many different stores and auction sites including Yahoo Japan Auctions, Mbok Auctions, Rakuten and many websites.
We are a shopping service that can help you with all your Jrock and Jpop shopping in Japan!

We can even help you join your favourite artist's fan clubs, magazine subscriptions, pre-order limited CD/ DVD/ Photobooks and more!

You don’t even have to know Japanese to be able to order! All customer communication is carried out in simple English and all you have to send us is the following:

1 .URL of the auction or item you would like to buy
2. Price of the item or maximum bid if an auction
3. Your full name
4. Your address, including country, and phone number
5. Deposit in USD to paypal@celga.com (credit card deposit can be arranged, just ask!) Deposits are 50% of item price in USD for auction orders and 100% of item price in USD for website orders and buyouts.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation. If you win the auction, you will receive an itemized invoice for the total amount (less your deposit). The same is true for website orders. It usually takes us about a week to receive the item from the seller or the store, so you can wait and combine many auctions into one package for shipping, or you can go ahead and fill out http://www.celga.com/shipform.html one week or more after the auction or website order. Your package is prepared and sent directly to you from our Japanese warehouse, so there is no extra step of going through another country to be sent to you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!
The Celga Team