Fan Club Memberships

Always wanted to join your favourite artist's fan club but couldn't because you didn't live in Japan? Well, now you can join them!!

All membership goods/publications will be sent to our Japanese office but with your name on it. ^^ We can get it set up to where we ship out your goods as soon as we receive them or we can wait until we have a couple of them before we ship. It's up to you!! And depending on the FC, your will receive anywhere from 2-6 (possibly more) publications/newsletters a year.

Here are the clubs we've joined in the past. Please keep in mind that this list is just an example, we can help you join almost any fanclub out there!

Standard Celga fees apply.

alice nine. - club ALICE (5200 yen/year)

Angelo - NEO CYCLOID (6000 yen/year)

Buck-Tick - Fish Tank (ask for more info)

D'espairsRay - [un]Beautiful (4600 yen/year)

Gackt - Dears (5500 yen/year)

hyde - HYDEIST (5800 yen/year)

Inoran - No Name? (5000 yen/year)

J - WUMF (5000 yen/year)

Johnny's Family (5000 yen/year)

Kawamura Ryuichi - RKF (5000 yen/year)

Koda Kumi - playroom (5000 yen/year)

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Le-Ciel (6000 yen/year)

LM.C - Team*LM.C (6000 yen/year)

Luna Sea - Slave (6000 yen/year)

Miyavi - O-re-sa-ma (5000 yen/year)

Moi dix Mois - Mon+amour (ask for more info)

Morning Musume., etc. - Hello! Project FC (5800 yen/year Note: We are only able to get "Normal" memberships at this time。。^^;; )

Nightmare - Date Otoko (4000 yen/year)

Plastic Tree - [JellyFish Breed] (6000 yen/year)

Sadie - UNDEAD (5200 yen/year)

Sugizo - Super Loves (4000 yen/year)

Tamaki Nami (4600 yen/year)

Tohoshinki - Big East (4000 yen/year)